Work global, borderless, freely in the environment of the best challenge

『チームとメンバーの多様性を尊重する』これは、創業当初から私たちがずっと大切にしているバリューです。 メンバーの一人ひとりがありのままの個性や才能を発揮できる土壌があり、様々なスキルが集結し、助け合って、一人では越えられなかった壁をみんなで乗り越えていける、もしミスしてもそれに向き合い、修正し、そこから学び、成長する、そんなチームでありづつけたいと願っています。

代表取締役CEO 岩﨑 英俊

Engineers at Hexabase

Develop with the computer you choose,
anywhere you want


Working at Hexabase

スタートアップ企業に求められる情熱とスピードを備え、自分に任されている分野以外においても実行能力がある、そんなメンバーがHexabaseには集まっています。 常にフェアでオープンなコミュニケーションを重視し、お互いの違いを受け入れ、才能を認め、積極的なスキルアップをサポートする環境づくりが不可欠であるとHexabaseは考えています。

Hexabase has a group of members who have the passion and speed required of start-up companies and who have the ability to execute in areas other than their own. Hexabase believes that it is essential to always emphasize fair and open communication, accept each other’s differences, recognize talents, and create an environment that supports active skill improvement.

About the team


We are looking for people who want to work in the global market.


Hexabase’s market is not limited to Japan and the direction we are heading for and the team members are global.
We have a welcoming work environment for those who are good at communicating in English as well as Japanese, and for those who want to take on the challenge of working in English.


Fully remote work anywhere in the country or around the world.


We are a global team working in different time zones. 
You can work in a way that suits your comfortable time and lifestyle.
There is no obligation to come to work or core hours.
You can design your work style to increase productivity and maximize output.


We value openness of information and an environment of easy communication.


Because we are completely remote, we place great importance on creating an environment where information is open and easily communicated.
We proactively use online communication tools and other tools to quickly resolve team issues.


All members have the opportunity to grow fairly.


Besides developing expertise in areas you have experience in, there are plenty of opportunities to take on new business challenges.
We recommend this position for those who want to take on challenges in the fast-paced growth environment that only a startup can offer, with close  to management side.